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Discover Professional Plumber Paddington

For 15 rewarding years, Friendly Plumbing has been at the forefront of providing unparalleled plumbing services in Paddington and the Sydney region. We pride ourselves on fixing blocked drains or blocked sinks and ensuring our community has a trustworthy plumbing partner for all their needs. With an array of services tailored for your convenience, our reputation stands firm on commitment and excellence.

Do you Live in Paddington?

Friendly Plumbing services Sydney Eastern Suburbs, Matraville, Moore Park, North Bondi, Paddington, Pagewood, Queens Park, Randwick, Redfern, Rosebay, Rushcutters Bay, South Coogee, Surry Hills, Tamarama, Vaucluse, Waterloo, Watsons Bay, Waverley, Woolloomooloo Zetland. The Easter Suburbs area is predominantly residential, with substantial industrial and commercial areas.


Friendly Plumbing are your local Plumbers, with fast and urgent call-outs during your plumbing emergencies. We are a fully certified plumbers who have been servicing Sydney Inner West for the past 15 years and have regular clients who trust in our prompt service and our commitment to meet all the plumbing requirements.
Friendly Plumbing will take on jobs whether they are big or small and deliver the most affordable solution. We have all the latest advanced tools and equipment to fix your any plumbing related jobs on time… every time.


All our workmanship is backed up by our lifetime warranty so that you can be assured that you are not been taken for a ride. We use high quality spares and guaranteed replacements items so that it works each time… every time.


Your Trusted Professional Plumber in Paddington

From the urgency of a blocked drain to the intricate task of gas installation, we at Friendly Plumbing have your back. Our plumbing services range from hot water installation to pipe relining and even include the niche expertise of a gas fitter. With state-of-the-art technology, we even offer trenchless pipe relining. Whether you require electric hot water systems or gas hot water systems, our 24 hour plumber team ensures swift solutions with meticulous attention to detail.

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Protect Your Pipes

Emergency Plumber Paddington: Reliable 24-Hour Service

Emergencies are unpredictable. When they strike, you need a dependable solution without delay. Friendly Plumbing understands this urgent need. Operating around the clock, our 24 hour plumber is ready to address any plumbing dilemma that might crop up in your home or business in Paddington. Our commitment is unwavering: to be there for the residents of Paddington whenever they need us, irrespective of the hour. 

With a legacy of over 15 years, our plumbing services have become synonymous with reliability, efficiency, and promptness. For many in Paddington, the night’s silence isn’t disrupted by the dread of a plumbing disaster, knowing they have the assurance of our 24/7 support. Whether you face a minor hiccup or a major plumbing catastrophe, our team is a mere call away, armed with expertise and a dedication to top-tier service.


Entrust us to transform your emergencies into solutions, reaffirming that in the world of plumbing services in Paddington, we are the 24 hour plumber you can always count on.

Blocked Drains Paddington: Tackling Every Blockage with Precision

Every resident of Paddington knows the inconvenience of blocked drains and how they can throw a spanner in the works of a smoothly running day. A blocked sink in the morning can mean trouble for the entire day, especially if you’re preparing for guests or a family dinner. Friendly Plumbing is fully equipped to handle these disruptions with the utmost professionalism. 


Our team, backed with state-of-the-art tools, not only addresses the evident blockages but delves deeper to guarantee the root cause is identified and rectified. With our keen eye for detail and adherence to excellence, we make blocked drains and sinks a worry of the past. So, the next time your sink refuses to drain, or you’re confronted with an unexpected blockage, remember, there’s a local Paddington team ready to restore normality swiftly and efficiently. At Friendly Plumbing, no blockage is too big for us to handle.



Gas Installation Paddington: Expertise with Every Turn of the Wrench

In the heart of Paddington, when you think about reliable gas installation, Friendly Plumbing is the epitome of safety and precision. It’s more than just connecting pipes; it’s about ensuring every household is secure, and every commercial space complies with the highest standards. With an experienced team that includes a certified gas fitter, we cater to diverse gas-related needs. Whether you’re setting up a new home or renovating an existing one, our expertise ensures the most efficient gas hot water systems are in place. 


Additionally, with gas appliances becoming increasingly popular, choosing a service that understands every nuance of the job is pivotal. Our gas fitter team offers installation and imparts knowledge, helping you make informed decisions. In Paddington, our commitment to perfection ensures that Friendly Plumbing is the name households trust when it comes to gas installation and related services.



Pipe Relining Paddington: Modern Solutions for Age-Old Plumbing Woes

The charm of Paddington’s historic homes is undeniable, but the occasional plumbing hiccup comes with age. Traditional repairs, however, often involve invasive methods that could disrupt your property’s aesthetics. But not anymore. At Friendly Plumbing, we’ve mastered the art of pipe relining, a cutting-edge solution that addresses these problems without the mess. Our expertise in trenchless pipe relining means we don’t need to dig up vast sections of your garden or driveway. 


This innovative technique ensures swift and efficient fixes and preserves the beauty of your beloved Paddington home. Trust in our precision, and relish a plumbing solution tailored for the modern age while respecting the past.



Hot Water Systems Paddington: Your Source of Continuous Warmth  

Every home in Paddington deserves the comforting embrace of consistent warmth, especially during the chilly months. That’s why at Friendly Plumbing, we specialise in electric hot water systems and gas ones, ensuring you have choices tailored to your needs. Our hot water installation process is seamless, minimising any disruption to your daily routine. However, should any issues arise, our hot water repair experts are just a call away, ready to restore your system to its optimal condition. 


Experience efficient, swift, and top-notch services designed not just for your home’s comfort but for your peace of mind. Choose Friendly Plumbing, where warmth meets reliability.



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