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Your Trusted Professional Plumber North Sydney

For over 15 years, Sydney residents have trusted Friendly Plumbing, making us a hallmark of high-quality, reliable plumbing services in North Sydney. Our team of fully certified professional plumbers is proficient in promptly addressing all your plumbing needs, whether it involves expert pipe relining, secure gas installation, or efficient hot water installation, at any hour with our dedicated 24 hour plumber service.

Our rich experience, state-of-the-art tools, and steadfast commitment to customer satisfaction position us as your premier choice for all plumbing ventures. Our services are designed to cater to the distinct needs of the North Sydney community, ensuring that every interaction with Friendly Plumbing enhances your living or working environment. Our aim is not just to meet your immediate plumbing needs but to establish a lasting relationship where our 24 hour plumber service ensures that we’re always there for you, making your life easier and your plumbing system more efficient. 


With Friendly Plumbing, you’re choosing a tradition of excellence, a modern approach to Plumbing Services, and a promise of quality that stands the test of time. Your trust propels our commitment to provide stellar services.

Do you Live in North Sydney?

Friendly Plumbing services North Shore Sydney areas including the suburbs of Cammeray, Cremorne, Cremorne Point, Crows Nest, Kirribilli, Kurraba Point, Lavender Bay, McMahons Point, Milsons Point, Neutral Bay, North Sydney, St Leonards, Waverton and Wollstonecraft.


Friendly Plumbing operate from North Shore and our response time is quick and cost effective. We are available around the clock for all your plumbing emergencies. Friendly Plumbing are licensed and fully certified plumbers who are professionals in all areas of plumbing. We have been servicing Sydney North Shore for the past 15 years and have regular clients who trust in our prompt service and our commitment to meet all the plumbing requirements.


We proud ourselves in serving Sydney’s some of the most effluent clients. Friendly Plumbing will take on any jobs whether they are big or small and deliver the most affordable solution. We have all the latest advanced tools and equipment to fix your any plumbing related jobs on time… every time.


All our workmanship is backed up by our lifetime warranty so that you can be assured that you are not been taken for a ride. We use high quality spares and guaranteed replacements items so that it works each time… every time.

North Sydney

24/7 Emergency Plumber North Sydney

In the heart of North Sydney, plumbing misadventures tend to have a knack for occurring at the least convenient times. That’s where your reliable neighbourhood 24 hour plumber from Friendly Plumbing comes into the frame. Day or night, we are always geared to provide immediate relief from unexpected plumbing snags. Our 24 hour plumber service ensures the smooth operation of your business with the slightest delay.

Our adept plumbing services encompass many solutions, offering a surefire remedy to any plumbing hiccup that stands in your way. The essence of accurate emergency service is encapsulated in our timely, proficient responses, ensuring that a solution is just a call away whenever you find yourself in a plumbing bind. 


With Friendly Plumbing, you’re not merely getting a service; you’re investing in peace of mind, knowing that expert help is available around the clock. Your comfort and satisfaction drive our commitment to being the ever-reliable 24 hour plumber, making plumbing woes a concern of the past.

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Protect Your Pipes

Unblocking Happiness: Blocked Drains North Sydney

Encountering a blocked drain or sink can swiftly disrupt the calm rhythm of your North Sydney home. These common yet frustrating issues can throw a wrench in the smooth flow of your daily routine. Our skilled technicians at Friendly Plumbing are the trusted maestros in unblocking blocked drains, ensuring that a blocked sink doesn’t continue to be a source of annoyance in your day. With adept hands and swift action, we tackle these issues head-on, restoring ease and flow to your plumbing systems. 

Our considerable expertise in handling common nuisances guarantees that peacefulness returns to your space, allowing for a free-flowing peace of mind. So, whenever you face the ordeal of blocked drains or a stubborn blocked sink, remember that help is just a call away.

Safe and Sound Gas Installation North Sydney

Gas installation is an intricate task that significantly calls for expertise and precision. Our team of certified gas fitter professionals at Friendly Plumbing is meticulously trained to ensure a safe and secure installation, encapsulating the essence of professionalism and safety that we are synonymous with. Our gas installation service transcends mere technical adherence, extending to a realm where your safety and satisfaction are at the forefront. 


Each gas fitter in our team is proficient and has a knack for ensuring a seamless, worry-free process, creating a comforting experience for every North Sydney resident. This dedicated service has been crafted, keeping in mind the unique needs and benefits of the local community, making it more than just a service but a neighbourly hand extending reliable help. Our long-standing commitment to quality and safety makes us a favoured choice, always ready to assist you with your gas installation needs.


Pioneering Pipe Relining North Sydney

Embracing cutting-edge trenchless pipe relining technology, Friendly Plumbing strives to offer advanced and enduring solutions to our valued North Sydney clientele. Our Pipe Relining service transcends being a mere immediate fix; it symbolises a long-term investment towards hassle-free plumbing. The minimally invasive and remarkably efficient technique ushers in a modern era of plumbing solutions without forgoing the traditional trust we have cultivated over the years. 


Through our pipe relining expertise, we aim to provide a seamless, enduring solution to your plumbing needs, ensuring the essence of reliable service continues to flow through our engagements. Experience the fusion of innovation and trust with our Pipe Relining services, designed meticulously to cater to the plumbing necessities of the North Sydney community.


Ever-warm Hot Water Systems North Sydney

Imagine a chilly North Sydney morning being greeted with a surge of warm water in your shower – that’s the assurance our proficient services in gas hot water systems and electric hot water systems bring to your home. Whether you are looking forward to a seamless hot water installation or need a timely hot water repair, we have you covered. We make the process effortless and efficient, aiming to restore or instate the comfort of warm water at your convenience. 


Our approach ensures that every morning in North Sydney starts with a comforting warmth, making your daily routine a delightful experience. Our expertise is understanding and meeting your needs precisely, making us your dependable companion for hot water solutions.


Let’s Forge a Lasting Plumbing Partnership

Reach out: Your journey towards hassle-free plumbing starts with a simple call. Reach out, and let’s address your plumbing needs.

Transparent Pricing: No surprises, just fair and transparent pricing tailored to your needs.

Lifetime Workmanship Warranty: Our confidence in what we deliver is echoed in our lifetime workmanship warranty.


Embrace plumbing solutions built on trust, expertise, and customer satisfaction. At Friendly Plumbing, we are more than just service providers; we are your enduring partners in ensuring a smooth, worry-free plumbing experience in North Sydney. Your comfort is a call away!

Available 24/7

If you’re facing a drainage issue, blockage, or need a Drain Expert to analyze your drain and provide the optimal solution, reach out to North Sydney Plumbing Service.

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