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Professional Sydney Plumbers

We are professional plumbers serving Sydney region since last 15 years. Our service is impeccable and our team strive to solve all your plumbing problems without any hassles.

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Our Plumbing Services

Custom-made to suit your specialised plumbing requirements

We work with Architects, Interior Designers and Developers to their specific plumbing requests.

Our Friendly Leaders

Jake Friend

A Leader's Journey from Rugby League to Plumbing

Meet Jake, a former Australian rugby league standout whose career spanned from 2008 to 2021 with the Sydney Roosters. As co-captain, he demonstrated unwavering dedication and teamwork, leaving a legacy of excellence on and off the field.

Today, Jake brings his winning spirit to Friendly Plumbing as a Director. His transition from sports to plumbing showcases his adaptability and leadership. With a foundation in discipline and collaboration, honed through his sports career, Jake fuels a culture of excellence at Friendly Plumbing.


With his guidance, Friendly Plumbing not only offers top-tier plumbing solutions but also embodies integrity and success in the industry.

Josh Vorias

Service Excellence and Customer Focus

Meet Josh Vorias, a leader known for his exceptional service-based approach and top-tier customer skills. With a passion for delivering excellence, Josh has built a reputation as a go-to professional in the plumbing industry.


Josh’s commitment to service is second to none. As a Director at Friendly Plumbing, he brings his customer-centric mindset to the forefront, ensuring that every interaction leaves a positive and lasting impact. His dedication to meeting customer needs and exceeding expectations has solidified Friendly Plumbing’s reputation as a trusted and reliable partner.

Troy Hodges

Troy Hodges

Plumbing Excellence through Teamwork

Introducing Troy Hodges, a plumbing expert celebrated for his team-focused approach, exceptional skills, and unwavering dedication to delivering outstanding results. As a Director at Friendly Plumbing, Troy’s leadership revolves around collaboration, ensuring every team member contributes their strengths for optimal client satisfaction.


Troy’s expertise shines brightly, as his technical prowess and industry knowledge set him apart. From complex challenges to innovative solutions, Troy’s proficiency guarantees reliable plumbing systems that endure.

Jack Brady

Customer-Focused Plumbing Innovator

Meet Jack Brady, a Director known for his unwavering commitment to customer service, innovative problem-solving, and top-tier workmanship. As a leader at Friendly Plumbing, Jack’s dedication to personalised service ensures every client’s needs are exceeded, while his ingenious solutions and meticulous workmanship set new industry standards.


With an unwavering focus on customer satisfaction, Jack’s approach at Friendly Plumbing creates seamless and positive experiences. His ability to navigate challenges with innovative solutions makes him a true plumbing trailblazer, consistently delivering effective results.

Lauren Rodda

Precision and

Meet Lauren Rodda, the organisational genius behind Friendly Plumbing. As the office manager, Lauren’s remarkable attention to detail and organisational skills keep the company’s gears turning seamlessly.


Lauren’s meticulous nature ensures that every task, communication, and process is flawlessly executed. Her precision minimises errors, maintaining Friendly Plumbing’s reputation for excellence.


Behind the scenes, Lauren orchestrates schedules, resources, and client interactions with finesse. Her ability to manage multiple tasks while upholding order is a testament to her skill.



Friendly Plumbing is a team of fully certified plumbers who are qualified in all areas of plumbing. We have been servicing the greater Sydney region for the past 15 years, with regular clients who trust in our prompt service and our commitment to meet all their plumbing requirements.


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Friendly Plumbing is a team of fully certified plumbers who are qualified in all areas of plumbing.

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